Euro-Support, Inc.

From concept to cash.

Euro-Support, Inc. is offering interim management services
to companies with operational activities in Western Europe.

Our mission:
By temporarily assuming operational line responsibilities, provide companies with the necessary skill and get modern managerial methods implemented on short term, so that these client companies get a solid basis for realizing their long term strategy goals.

Our Focus:
Setting up efficient operations and up-to-date distribution channels in the multi-cultural and multi-lingual West-European environment.
Have the chosen strategies properly modeled in the company's ERP systems.
Our Code of Ethics:
- This company fully respects the legislation of the countries where it accomplishes missions, as well as of the sites where it is permanently operational, especially Belgium and the United States.
- This company is convinced people are a company's most valuable asset. Having people properly trained and positioned is one of the most important elements of our missions.
- We think "good practices" are "long lasting practices" and necessarily need to fit in the complete environment of the company, maximizing win for all: shareowners, the committed people in the company, the customers and suppliers as well as the society, the company is operating in.

How interim missions are set up:
The company looking for interim management assistance describes the position, the issues and the environment related to the potential assignment. Euro-Support, Inc. verifies whether or not it has the skill and available capacity to make an offer, and specifies it's initial view regarding the best approach. Unless lack of fit is clear from the very beginning, a site visit is planned, and eventually leads to a definition of the targeted accomplishments and an agreement over it. An assignment is generally started for a budgeted, but still open, duration (eight months full-time may be a good average for realizing most projects).
Both companies keep a significant intellectual independence regarding the project. The interim manager is not positioned in a direct dependency relation, so the mutual commitment is not subject of Labor Law legislation of the West European countries.

A typical scenario of an interim management mission:

  • analysis of the issues (3 weeks)
  • get a consensus about an approach that fits into the corporate strategy (2 weeks)
  • communicate and train (2 - 4 weeks)
  • implement, control, adjust, prepare successor, ... (15 - 25 weeks)
Timing obviously depends on the particular circumstances.

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Updated Oct 20, 2020