The cantons in the East of the Département de l'Ourthe (1794-1814)


Subsequent history:

In 1814-1815 (Vienna congres) Prussia got the cantons Eupen, Malmedy, Sankt Vith, Schleyden and Kronenburg (+ parts of the canton Aubel, leaving part of the village Moresnet undivided), from the East of the former French "département de l'Ourthe", while the remainder of that departement became part of the Netherlands, and became the core of the later province of Liège.

In 1919-1920 (Versailles treaty) Belgium got the undivided Moresnet and  the Prussian Kreise Eupen and Malmedy. (Malmedy roughy corresponded to the old cantons Malmedy, Sankt Vith plus two villages from the "Sarre" department: Manderfeld and Schönberg)

scanned from the map "La Belgique sous la domination française 1795 à 1814", a loose leaf supplement to: "Gemeentekrediet, Het culturele leven in onze provinciers onder Frans bewind, 1989, Brussel" 152 pp.
the map reproduces map 11 of the "Atlas géographique historique de la Belgique", Brussels, 1919-1932 by L. V van der Essen e.a.

The 5 cantons in the East of the dépt. de l'Ourthe

 as they appeared on original French maps  in the year 12 of the French republic (1803-1804)

1. Eupen (Néau)


2. Malmedy


3. Sankt Vith (Saint Vith)


4. Schleiden (Schleyden)


5. Kronenburg (Cronenbourg)


The 5 maps scanned from a reproduction of the map "Nouvelle Carte du département de l'Ourthe", Ph.J. Maillart & soeur, an 12 de la République française, as this reproduction appears on the insert "Evolution territoriale de Liège" in Crédit Communal de Belgique, "La province hier et aujourd'hui, Liège", 1976, Brussels, 95 pp + maps.

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