Liège - Luik - Lüttich 1559

principality & bishopric (diocese)
prinsbisdom & bisdom (diocees)
principauté & évêché (diocèse)
Fürstbistum & Bistum (Diözese)

The extent of the diocese till 1559 is generally considered to be coïncident with the old Roman "Civitas Tungrorum" (with capital Tongeren, later Maastricht and finally Liège). It exceeds largely the territory the bischop of Liège ruled as territorial prince. The map below positions roughly the principality inside the diocese.


scanned from p. 20 in J.H.M. Wieland, Kleine Atlas voor de Geschiedenis van beide Limburgen, 2e druk; 1989, Leeuwarden, Eisma, x + 118 pp, ISBN 90-70052-71-7
(the origin of the map is: J. Jansen, Limburgse kerkgeschiedenis, 1950, Roermond, map 3)

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