The lands of Overmaas / Outre-Meuse (17th century)

These lands became gradually property of the duke of Brabant in the 11th - 14 th century.
(The Duchy of Limburg itself in 1288 after the battle of Woeringen).

The group of 4 territories:
has (till the end of the 18th century)  been administratively combined under different names "the lands of Overmaas / Outre-Meuse", "Limburg and the lands of Overmaas /  Outre-Meuse", the "Province of Limburg" etc.

After Brabant was finally divided between the Southern and Northern Netherlands in 1648 (Treaty of Munster in Westphalia), these lands, East of the river Meuse / Maas, were also divided between North and South ("partage" in 1661; and major territorial exchanges in 1785, traité de Fontainebleau).
The Duchy of Limburg itself was not affected with these territorial exercises.


scanned from the map in: Jacques Thielens, Les assemblées d'états du Duché de Limbourg et des Pays d'Outre-Meuse au XVIIe siècle, 1968, Namur, Ets. Godenne, Anciens Pays et Assemblées d' ùEtats - Standen en Landen, vol. XLIII, 150 pp + map

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