Map of the German language/dialect areas

The German dialect territories of Belgium

1. Altbelgien
Territories that belonged to the Netherlands from 1815 to 1830 and to Belgium since 1830. 2. Neubelgien (in French: "Cantons de l'Est")
Territories that belonged to Prussia 1815-1919 (The central part of Moresnet was neutral 1815-1919) and to Belgium since 1919
The area was separated from occupied Belgium and annexed by Germany in the period 1940-1944


The map is scanned from page 31 in the publication:
"Eis Sprooch iwert all Grenzen",
erausgin zu der Geleënheet vun der INTERNATIONALER MUSELFRANKISCHER WOCH,
Diddebuurg/Thiaumont Heeschert/Heinstert de 5. a 6. Oktober 1979, IX + 89 pp.
The text on the map is in in Luxemburgish.

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