Kortessem - Panovese kal


Panovese kal o-et Kotsove

"Panovese kal" is an artificial modification of the Limburgish dialect of Kortessen ("Kortessem" in Dutch; "Kotsove" in local Limburgish)

In the beginning of the 20th century, in a tile factory (situated "op de Berg" in Kortessem, Belgian Province of Limburg, and runned at the time by a Dutchman Mr. Van Oostayen), the workers developped their own language, the "panovese kal". (pan = tile; oven = furnace; kal = Limburgian for language)

The priciple is based on mixing characters in a particular way.


Panoves applied to Kotsoves, the local language.

	Kotsoves: Waach a bietje!
Panoves: Biech a watje!

Kotsoves: Ich heub nen liter taar gekouch
Panoves: Ich heub nen tater lier gekouch

Kotsoves: Beer is voet
Panoves: Foer is bet

Kotsoves: Seves truk
Panoves: Truves sek

Kotsoves: De heil panne zén bevrore
Panoves: De heil vronne zén bepare

Kotsoves: Tuurke Bielen
Panoves: Bierke Tuulen

Panoves applied to Dutch.

	The "Our Father" in Panoves:

Onze zeder die in de vamelen hijt
gemaligd zij uw heim
uw kook rijme
uw schil gewiede
op aarde als in den meinil
geef ons heden ons brogelijks daad
en verschuuf ons onze welden
gelijk wij vergeven onze naalde schuren
en koot ons niet in de beleiring
maar verkwaad ons van het losse

Actually the tile factory is closed. Most people who worked there have died. A couple of people still speak panoves incidentally (Jef Oris, Tuurke Bielen, ...)

Info based on an article by Denise Vandeloo, "'t Is te naach wemp gedoes, de heil vronne zén bepare" in "Het Belang van Limburg" of July 11, 1992.

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