Short approach to the Champenois language


Although "Champenois" is defined as a regional language group, it is difficult to find synthesis material about the group as a whole. Roughly the territorial coverage is the former "Champagne-Ardennes" administrative region, but it is often extended to the South-West, especially into the "Brie" landscape.

A comparison of phonetical variety was drafted by Tarbé (published in 1871):


source: insert between pp. 212 and 213 in:
Prosper Tarbé, Recherches sur l'histoire du langage et des patois de Champagne. Tome 2, Reims, 1851
(available in pdf facsimile at BNF-Gallica)


source: "Atlas départemental de la France", 2004, Larousse, p. 256

The map of the former administrative region "Champagne-Ardennes" (above) can be a starting point, but in linguistic surveys one often sees an extension to the South-West into "Brie", what may be consistent with the extent of the former County of Champagne (see below)


source:é_de_Champagne (20201106)

Below a couple of maps associated with such surveys.
For this area, one apparently has to combine contemporary resouces with old material quoting Bourcelot below (p. 83)
"Il est impossible de faire une étude linguistique convenable de la Champagne et de la Brie en séparant la synchronie de la diachronie."

Bourcelot Henri. L'Atlas linguistique et ethnographique de la Champagne et de la Brie et les limites linguistiques.
In: Langue française, n°9, 1971. Linguistique et société. pp. 82-92;

Kawaguchi, Yuji, Frontière linguistique de la Champagne occidentale au XIIIe siècle
Revue de linguistique romane,  59 (1995), Nr. 233-234, 117-130

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